Life with Tesla Documentary Trailer

Mike Koenigs, serial entrepreneur and Tesla enthusiast, invites you to join him on his journey for energy independence off the grid!





  1. Bruce says:

    Very impressive on the video. Even more impressive when Mike showed it off to us last night.

  2. DANIEL says:

    Great Trailer! Can’t wait too follow your journies… I’d tell you to have fun, but it looks like your already accomplishing that! Haha. When you can, you should top that Tesla out at a private track.


  3. Dez Futak says:

    Lots of smiles :) :) :) Brilliant idea to document your journey with this awesome roadster. If they can scale their production a bit more, maybe the profit margin would be good enough to use Lithium polymer batteries. Imagine what *that* would do the energy/weight ratio of the car :D


  4. Gee Mike, I love it. I had a nightmare the other day. I was dreaming about my new online launch and it was a big hit. In my dream I decided to go out and buy a Bentley. I woke up horrified! It’s an Orange Tesla for me, all the way. I live in Tennessee where we will be the 1st State to have recharging stations at all the Cracker Barrels. Get ur Done!
    P.S. I gave up driving shortly after the Gas Crunch in the 70′s, been 30 years!

  5. Benjamin says:

    Awesome video Mike I am certain this will turn peoples heads and have them thinking about changing their habits.

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